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Inspired. Matched. Made.


Inspired. Matched. Made.

Whatever your colour inspiration, our CustomColour™ matching and made to order service is here to help.


Project: TLC Aged Care, Clifton Views | Architect: Baldasso Cortese | Project Photographer: Kane Jarrod Photography

Customised colours, made to order

Can’t find the colour you’re looking for? Our CustomColour™ service is available to create customised colours on a made to order basis.


Project: TLC Aged Care, Clifton Views | Architect: Baldasso Cortese | Project Photographer: Kane Jarrod Photography

CustomColour™ is a premium service providing customised colours produced on a made to order basis, across the Dulux Powder Coatings range.


If you can’t find the specific colour you require in our stocked, readily available range of Dulux World of Colour Powder Coat Series colours, you’ll find everything you need to know about our CustomColour™ service right here.


Whether you’re looking to match one of our 4,750 Dulux Atlas paint colours, an industry standard or your inspiration needs a truly bespoke colour solution, we’re here to help. At Dulux, we’re inspired by the power of colour in delivering creative vision and will work closely with you on a solution that fulfils your design intent and meets your project requirements.


After confirming the product technology best suited to your project requirements, we combine art and science to create your CustomColour™. Our laboratory technicians use an electronic colour measuring device called a spectrophotometer to determine the combination and level of pigments required to produce your target colour.

Our highly skilled colour technicians will fine tune and adjust the formula based on their visual assessments to ensure the best result possible. You’ll then be sent a powder coated CustomColour™ swatch panel within 2 weeks for your approval.

In some instances, the laboratory matching stage may not be required if we have an existing match that fulfills your requirements.


Once a match is approved (new or existing) and we receive an order, we’ll schedule and manufacture your CustomColour™ and have it supplied to the powder coater appointed to your project. The manufacturing process can take 2-4 weeks excluding delivery. See lead times section below.

Lead Times1

Colour Matching Service

  • The timeframe required to create and provide powder coated swatch samples of your CustomColour™ is 2 weeks from receipt of a colour standard or sample to match.

Made To Order Service

  • The lead time to manufacture CustomColour™ orders ranges between 2-4 weeks.
  • More accurate timing is provided once samples are approved and an order is placed.

1Lead times exclude delivery and may vary at times of unexpected demand.

Other Considerations

Minimum Order Quantities

Unlike paint which can be tinted to thousands of shades and colours, the colour of a powder coating can only be produced at factory level during the manufacturing process. That’s why there are minimum order quantities required to produce CustomColours™.


The minimum order quantity for most products is 20kgs. Kinetic® Technology products will require a 200kg-300kg minimum order quantity2 depending on product range. As powder coatings typically cover 6–10m² per kg, if the surface area being coated is less than 100m², your requirements may not meet the 20kg minimum order quantity applicable for most products.


CustomColour™ powder coatings are produced on a made to order basis and therefore attract a premium price. Your powder coater will be able to provide you with a detailed quotation. For architectural projects requiring a warranty, you will need to select a Dulux Accredited Powder Coater. A list of Dulux Accredited Powder Coaters can be found here.

Project Type

The environment, conditions, commercial nature and warranty requirements of the project, will determine the technology and therefore the product range required. For example, Duratec for commercial project exteriors or Alphatec for non-habitable projects not requiring a warranty. Not all colours can be accurately produced using all product technologies but we will always do our best to find a solution for your specific requirements.

2 Kinetic® Technology is a process used to optimise the aesthetic effect of many of our pearlescent finishes by bonding pearlescent and/or metallic pigments to powder particles. Minimum batch sizes of 200kg-300kg are a requirement of the bonding process.

CustomColour™ Enquiry Form

To get started, simply contact one of our friendly Advice & Specification Consultants on 13 24 99 or fill in our CustomColour™ enquiry form.

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