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The Standard Apartments, Qld


Photographer: Black Bee Studio

Location: South Brisbane, Queensland

Colour: Electro Medium Bronze,
Electro Burnished Copper,
Duratec Elements Weathered Steel

Components Coated: Cladding

Date Completed: May 2021

Builder: Hutchinson Builders

Architect: Woods Bagot

Fabricator: Louvreclad

Powder Coater: Louvreclad

The Standard Apartments, located in South Brisbane, Queensland, is a stunning cylindrical-shaped apartment tower featuring colours from the Electro® and Duratec Elements® powder coat collections.


The building is constructed as four large cylindrical forms, joined together by a single glazed tower. Four hundred and fifty-one cylindrical powder coated pipes span up the sides of the building, from the podium to level 6.


The pipes have been integrated into a living green wall, cladding the exterior of the building and include lights that illuminate the greenery at night.



Worth doing, worth Dulux.®