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Dulux Powder Coatings join the circular economy – recycling production waste

9 April 2024


Dulux Powder Coatings are excited to be collaborating with Transmutation, a South Australian recycling business, on an initiative to sustainably recycle powder waste material.


General Manager Anthony Privitelli commented, “Finding a solution to reduce waste has been a key business priority for Dulux Powder Coatings with our ultimate aim to have zero waste to landfill.”


It was a chance meeting that brought together former Dulux Powder Coatings Operations Manager, Graham Rowe and Brad and Narelle Scott, the owners of Transmutation, whilst Graham was holidaying in Robe, South Australia. Here a discussion was had on how Dulux had waste material that was considered unrecyclable.


The collaboration continued where Transmutation and Dulux worked together to develop a way to turn powder waste into a plastic feedstock that can be used to displace virgin plastic in products. That feedstock is now known as PostPrime PlasticTM pellet feedstock.


The first product identified to manufacture was a Bar Chair. Bar Chairs are used to support reinforcing mesh when laying concrete slabs and have a high demand in the construction market. This made this product choice an attractive option. By becoming the first manufacturer of Bar Chairs from environmentally certified recycled plastic, this solution will provide the opportunity to help the concrete industry reduce its carbon footprint.


Transmutation’s vision is to educate customers to the concepts of reduce, reuse, and recycle by only selling and manufacturing items that are made from recycled materials, that have been repurposed or are items that dramatically reduce landfill.


This vision aligns closely with the Dulux Powder Coatings core business environmental goals, creating an ideal partnership with both parties aligned to create a sustainable future.


“Dulux is really excited to collaborate with Transmutation and be the first powder coating manufacturer to effectively recycle its production waste material”, says Anthony Privitelli.


Importantly Dulux is playing a key role in leveraging its Dulux branded networks and channel partners to ensure there is a sustainable ongoing market for the Bar Chairs – ensuring there is an ongoing demand for any generated product is essential as it is not a circular economy solution until the product gets sold back into the market.


The first orders have already been placed and distributed and future projects such as Amazon’s new warehouse in the Gold Coast have been specified.


Transmutation owner Brad Scott has applied for a patent for the recycling method. “The bar chairs are the first product we picked, but pretty much we can make it into any sort of plastic mouldable product, especially in construction,” Mr Scott said.


Ongoing, Transmutation and Dulux are working together to raise awareness for the new PostPrime PlasticTM pellet feedstock and to identify other uses for this green product to displace the use of virgin plastic feedstock in industry.


“The fact that we look like we are the first to solve this problem with a highly innovative and nimble small business partner shows the out of the box thinking we are applying to the problem”, continued Anothony Privitelli. “With the initial focus on driving sales and scaling the solution it is our expectation that we will be driving towards a market solution in the very near future”.


This innovative solution has now been recognised:

  • Nationally with Transmutation recently being named the National Winner in the Telstra Best of Business – Embracing Innovation Award.
  • At the DuluxGroup annual Leadership conference where this initiative was recognised by winning the values and behaviours award for Value people, work safely and respect the environment.


We are also proud to announce that Transmutations Bar Chairs are now GECA certified. The GECA certification indicates that a product has been assessed from a whole of life perspective and is certified as an environmentally preferable product. For more information about GECA visit their website HERE.


Need further information

Dulux are proudly supporting Transmutation in promoting Bar Chairs to the market. All architects, builders or specifiers interested in specifying Transmutations Bar Chairs, please contact Dulux or Transmutation via the below channels:


Contact Dulux

Contact our Dulux Advice and Specification Team on:


Contact Transmutation

For information on the Transmutation Bar Chairs or any technical specifications on the product contact Brad Scott at Transmutation on:

  • Phone: 0414 730 106
  • Visit the Transmutation website here.


Transmutation Product Brochure


To view the story of this exciting project check out the video.

Worth doing, worth Dulux.®