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AMRA – Sustainable recycling and manufacturing.

29 May 2024


At Dulux Powder Coatings we are committed to reducing our impact on the environment. Our key focus is on achieving our sustainability goals by reducing carbon emissions and waste to landfill, with a priority on generating a circular economy wherever we can.


To assist us in successfully achieving these goals, we have proudly joined The Australian Micro Recyclers Association (AMRA), an organisation that effectively represents and assists all Micro Recyclers, Processors, Manufacturers, Retailers, Mould and tool makers and support businesses in small to medium size, decentralised operations around Australia.


The Association aims at dramatically increasing decentralised recycling and manufacturing around Australia by removing barriers to entry, assisting, and mentoring new businesses in this space and then representing all member businesses to government and other industry stakeholders.


In addition, AMRA further aims to:


• Be responsible for disrupting the current centralised recycling system and massively increase local manufacturing, recycling and processing of all materials currently bound for landfill.
• Change the mindset of current practices from the linear or centralised economy to the more sustainable circular economy.
• Support and promote the people and businesses whose efforts are seeking to reduce the demand for virgin plastic, by offering products and services which encourage the reuse, repurpose, redesign or recycling of plastics.
• Assist and facilitate members commitment to reducing their environmental impact and promoting sustainable practices.


Bradley Scott, Chairperson at AMRA is the Owner and Director of Transmutation, a South Australian business that Dulux Powder Coatings are currently collaborating with, to sustainably recycle powder waste from our factories.


Transmutation and Dulux have collaborated to develop a way to turn powder waste into a plastic feedstock that can be used to displace virgin plastic in products. That feedstock is now known as PostPrime PlasticTM pellet feedstock.


The first product identified to manufacture using the PostPrime Plastic™ feedstock was a Bar Chair. Bar Chairs are used to support reinforcing mesh when laying concrete slabs and have a high demand in the construction market.


The Bar Chairs are the first of its kind made from environmentally certified recycled plastic, providing a solution to assist the concrete industry to reduce its carbon footprint.


Transmutations’s Bar Chairs are also GECA certified. The GECA certification indicates that a product has been assessed from a whole of life perspective as an environmentally preferable product.


For more information or to become a member of AMRA click here.


For more information about Transmutation Bar Chairs contact our Dulux Advice and Specification Team on:



Or visit the Transmutation website for information on the Transmutation Bar Chairs or any technical specifications on the product contact Brad Scott from Transmutation on 0414 730 106.

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