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Centre yourself, breathe and reconnect. Let the Dulux Colour Forecast 2020 lead you to the very essence of happiness


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Colour Forecast 2020

This year's Dulux Colour Forecast theme, Essence, uses colours across our coatings portfolio that speak to our collective search for the things that bring us essential happiness. Through diverse and contrasting tonal palettes we find moments of calm and empowerment, as well as optimism and luxury. Explore the full brochure below.

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Cultivates nature inspired palette combats the crush of city living with its soothing calmness.

The Cultivate palette is a calm and gentle layering of greens that reinforces our connection to nature. Chalky blue, deep plum and curd provide a contrast and unexpected edge.

The Cultivate powder coat palette

Cultivate combines botanically inspired, calming shades of green with highlight colours that echo the harmony of the natural world. Dulux Powder Coatings Duratec Elements Copper Ore fits perfectly into this palette by recreating the beautiful effect of green patination of aged copper.

Tonal contrast is exemplified with the inclusion of Dulux Powder coatings Electro Gold Pearl which provides an uplifting pop of yellow curd with an on trend flat finish.


Build yourself a simple, beautiful life.

Abandon the clutter to opt for a mindful choices that hero comfort, longevity and craftsmanship. Natural materials come into play, evoking emotion through the raw beauty of texture and tactility.

The Grounded powder coat palette

Minimal tonal variations and an earthy focus promote comfort and familiarity, in an aesthetic that allows natural textures to come to the fore such as Dulux Powder Coatings Duratec Elements Natural Bronze with its textured finish.


Indulge is the luxurious antidote to our busy, stressful lives.

Cocoon yourself in comfort with rich layers of luxurious fabric and decadently rounded forms. Soften hard surfaces with an abundance of fringing, chenille and velvet.

The Indulge powder coat palette

Tactility remains a focus, with a decadence and depth to inspire lingering as an antidote to the daily rush. The Indulge palette features rich burgundy, earthy browns, and faded terracotta, making Dulux Powder Coatings Duratec Elements Weathered Steel an ideal textured finish to compliment this palette.


Vintage styles mix with contemporary pieces to create an eclectic look.

Comeback blends eclectic style with vintage charm to create a rich and layered aesthetic that feels expressive in its maximalism, yet reassuringly familiar.

The Comeback powder coat palette

The Comeback palette features invigorating tonal blue shades, highlighted with warm tones of burgundy, rust and mustard, such as Dulux Powder Coatings Duratec Eternity Copper Coin which reinforces vintage storytelling in a rich pearlescent finish.

You can download or order the 2020 New Colour Forecast brochure here.

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